• It has been pleasure to be associated with VA Global Business for over 5 years.  Efficient and cost effective service has been their hallmark and we wish them all the very best for a great success ahead.    
    Author : Vipul R Kothari - Director
    Global Business Services JLT.
  • We find VA Global Business Limited helpful in meeting our requirement. People are always co-operative and understandable to our needs. In offshore busines environment it is always advisable to choose professional service from people with high integrity and good professional conduct and there is no doubt that VA Global Business Limited meets the requirements.  
    Author : Director
    Gagan Corporation Ltd
  • We have been a client of VA Global Business Limited for the incorporation and secretarial services of a Mauritius Offshore company since May 2006 and have been fully satisfied by the quality of their services. Incorporation was pretty straightforward with clear instructions for setting up the company as well as an off-shore bank account. They have proved to be trustworthy and responded swiftly to ...
    Author : Director
    Business Development Services Ltd
  • As a growing advisory firm in the region our company has been well served by VA Global Business since 2009. They have consistently provided sound advice in setting up business structures tailored to the needs of our company and assisting various ongoing administrative matters. Some of the activities that we have relied on VA Global to carry out for us include company registration, administration a...
    Author : Managing Director
    slEconomics Africa
  • VA Global was able to provide a step by step clear process for setting up the relevant structures in Mauritius, saving us days of research. All correspondence via e-mail and phone was professional with timely attention to all queries. Doing business across borders is only a success when there is a trusted partner on the other side
    Author : Director
    Twiga Limited
  • VA Global Ltd has been a great help to our business. They have consistently replied to any questions and queries we have had in a timely manner and have enabled our business to transition smoothly through a recent restructuring. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future, and would recommend them to anyone who needs the administrative services that they are able to provide.
    Author : Director
    Amistad Ltd
  • We are in our fifth year of working with VA Global. Their standards of service are very high. We find them efficient, reliable and very accessible. VA Global offers you a personalised service par excellence!
    Author : Director
    Spectramax Ltd
  • Just a quick note to say thank you very much for an incredible working partnership. I must say I came along with the usual reservation that you have about whether the whole process of registering an offshore company (legal procedures, bank account opening...) will be smooth and rapid but you positively surprised me! As a private consultant, finding ways to save money for my clients is a priority a...
    Author : Lily Johns
    Private Consultant





This privacy policy sets out how VA Global Business Limited uses and protects any information that you give VA Global Business Limited when you use this website. VA Global Business Limited is committed to ensuring that your..... Read More

Due Diligence

VA Global Business has an obligation under the Prevention of Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing Regulations to ensure that we "Know Our Client" in order to protect ourselves in the event that any of our clients should use a global business structure for the purposes of money laundering, drug dealing, terrorist financing or any other illegal activity. When establishing a business relationship with a client and also on an ongoing basis, we are required to apply appropriate Customer Due Diligence measures on the business relationship, including identifying and verifying the identity of the client and all related parties.

Due Diligence requirements for a natural person:

Relevant identification data on a natural person, including:

  • Name (including any former names, any other names used and other aliases)
  • Current residential address7
  • Date and place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Any occupation, public position held and where appropriate the name of the Employer

Proof of identitty:

Types of identity documentation which can be relied upon:

  • National Identity cards
  • Current valid passports
  • Current valid driving licences

Any copy document provided must be certified by a lawyer, banker or other regulated person. The certifier should legibly sign the copy document and clearly indicate his capacity or position on it and, in the case of a passport, must state that the photograph bears a true likeness of the Owner. Please note that all copy documents provided to us should be clearly legible, particularly those documents containing photographs and signatures.

Proof of Address:

The following documentations can be relied upon for address verification:

  • A recent utility bill issued;
  • A recent bank or credit card statement dated; or
  • A recent bank reference.

It is required that the proof of address should be dated less than 3 months and any copy document provided must be certified by a lawyer, banker or other regulated person and must be legible.


A reference is needed as an additional comfort on the client status. A bank reference is normally required from a bank with which the client has been banking for at least two years and in the reference, the bank should clearly mention the client name, time period over which the client has been using the services of the bank and mention should be made on how the client has maintained his bank account. Besides a bank reference, though not a prerequisite, it's always good to have reference from a respected professional who has known the client and who can testify the good character of the client.


All documents provided to VA Global are kept highly confidential and neither the statutory records of a global business company nor details on the company's Directors, Shareholders, Beneficial Owners are publicly accessible. The only circumstances under which we are required to divulge such information are in response to a properly authorised criminal investigation which has first been approved by the financial regulator of the jurisdiction concerned.

Please contact us for more information.